Dating in the Time of Corona

Thank you for doing your part to save lives during this pandemic. Effective immediately, Teresa will be focusing on her coaching-by-phone programs, including online classes & workshops. She still has a couple spaces open for sessions with single men or women who are wanting to move their lives forward, despite physical distancing protocols. As always, these programs focus on personal evolution to better equip you with relationship skills. Coaching by phone is an easy & effective way to learn male-female dynamics, communication skills, etiquette, emotional intelligence, online dating techniques, and more.

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New Moon Zoom for Women

Teresa Ann Foxworthy 

LADIES, Teresa is inviting you to a free, scheduled ~”NEW MOON Zoom”SUPPORT GROUP for WOMEN.TH, Sept 17th @ 630pm PDT”NAVIGATING YOUR NOW”Time: This is a recurring meeting

Meet anytime

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Meeting ID: 756 1848 2573

Passcode: 6fy14z

Couples Group San Diego 2018-2019

Teresa offers a variety of workshops for conscious couples who want to dive deeper into their relationship and develop a stronger bond with clear agreements. Tuesday evenings from November through January, you can participate in Carlsbad, North County San Diego. These workshops are located at a private residence and directions will be sent once you’ve registered and paid.


Building & Re-Building Trust & Respect

Communication Skills

Relationship as Spiritual Practice

Negotiating Clear Agreements

Deepening Relationship Bonds

Exploring Romantic Paradigms

Understanding Emotional Intimacy

Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

These events explore pragmatic and emotional issues which you can resolve to live your vision of Love!

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Singles Events San Diego 2018-2019


Spiritual Singles’ in San Diego are invited to join us at our Autumn Events in Carlsbad, CA. Teresa is hosting swim dates, dinner dates, meditation circles, book clubs, and more. These events are no pressure ways of enjoying more activities and meeting like-minded people. Together, we making this world a better place.

We will gather on the second and third Saturday late-afternoon to evenings from November 2018 thru January 2019.

Additionally, Teresa leads other groups where might meet some singles:









Singles Valentine Water Meditation 2018

Meet other Spiritual Singles in North County Coastal San Diego. Practice navigating the male-female dynamic with this quiet time in mixed company of spiritual singles.This water meditation gives you an opportunity to mingle, meditate and swim. 80°F pool and the 103 Fahrenheit Jacuzzi.

Bring your towels and bathing suits. We provide you with an alcohol- and smoke-free environment where you can meet people in the heart. No glass allowed around the pool. Feel free to bring something, especially beverages and potluck dishes.

This is held at a private residence in Carlsbad, CA. To receive directions, you must complete the survey in the tickets link. Then, tickets will be available for those who completed the survey. We just want to make sure to gather a good group of people.



Itinerary 2018


January through May

Carlsbad, CA, USA



Towson, MD, USA



Tiburon, CA, USA



Carlsbad, CA, USA



Santa Barbara, CA, USA



January – March

Maui, HI, USA



San Diego, CA, USA



Mid-Atlantic, USA

















Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Joyful news! After being in the Mid-Atlantic this past Summer, I’m returning to California, seeing clients in San Diego, beginning in December. Of course, I still offer coaching via phone and Skype.

Relationship challenges are a path to your empowerment & personal fulfillment. Get the support you deserve and pave the way for a better quality of life, for yourself and your loved ones.

In San Diego, I’ll be leading classes, workshops, and retreats, to help you attract & keep the Love of your Life! This includes help with self-care, work-life balance, communication skills, meditation techniques, and more.

Couples find my CO-CREATING for COUPLES incredibly helpful for helping them forge the friendship necessary to build a better life for themselves. My popular program, RELATIONSHIP as SPIRITUAL PRACTICE helps you and your beloved explore the possibilities for a sacred union. If you’re single, then one of my programs for singles will help: Dating for Keeps & Alchemy of Attraction. There are also programs for women, FEMININE RADIANCE, and men, EVOLVING the MASCULINE. Both men and women are invited to explore the series, HONORING the FEMININE.

For more info: USA: +1 (415) 2 8 9 – 2 2 1 3



Summer 2017

We’ve a couple meditation retreats in the Mid-Atlantic this August.

Feminine Radiance Meditation Retreat for Women is August 18-20

Singles’ Swim Club is Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, August 15-30

Path to the Beloved Meditation Retreat is August 25-27

Click on any of these to apply for these rejuvenating retreats at the beach.

We’ll be at a 4-Star Oceanfront Location with a heated swimming pool!

Meditation on the beach, a visit to Assateague Island, movies on the beach, spa treatments, ocean view dining, yoga on the beach, workshops & more.


Singles’ Carlsbad Flower Fields 2017

April 20, 2018, from 4-8pm, we’ll be dining al fresco amidst the 50 acres of colorful Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. After you buy your FULL BLOOM GALA ticket, if you’re single, be sure to purchase the SINGLES TABLE ticket, and meet local, single professionals. Please read the entire invite on Eventbrite, where you buy the ticket. There is lots of info from what you’ll eat, to what to wear, the music, helpful tips, etc.

Mastering Male-Female Dynamics


One of the most popular topics today is understanding the gender gap. Most couples, throughout their entire marriage, often complain about their spouses in ways which can be easily explained by the gender gap. Men and women indeed do have different brains, thought-processes, priorities, and needs. Men usually  need more quiet time, though everyone in our hectic society could say that. However, as most have learned, men are more visual than verbal, so it’s more likely women who are wanting more communication, not less.

Women typically have a different response cycle than men, when addressing physical intimacy preferences. Men often wish someone could teach them how to please a woman, or please a wife, let alone, please a goddess. Women who become empowered often love to feel like a goddess, princess, queen or some other revered female archetype. Similarly, empowered men love to feel like a king, prince, shaman, samurai, etc. As we study gender differences, we ironically can find more common ground between us.

The Golden Rule, or “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”, is a good measure of social behavior, in romantic relationships, professional, domestic, family, neighbors, friends, et al. However, what leads to more satisfying romantic relationships is unlocking the combination code of conduct that ignites more passion between lovers. So often, a fulfilling love life will make most mundane concerns seem quite trivial. Tragedy does this as well, but we don’t wish for heartaches, we wish for Love.

Learning how to deepen your evolved masculine or feminine presence holds the key to igniting passion and fostering a relationship based on trust, respect, and soul-level engagement. My coaching programs do just this:

  • Learn how to deepen your core essence
  • Understanding what your lover wants
  • Discover ancient secrets of enduring passion
  • Practice new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Avoid divorce and needless heartache

Call to schedule your sample phone session: + 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 2 8 9 – 2 2 1 3

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