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Teresa’s Coaching programs have 98% Success Rate.

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Coaching by phone is easy & confidential. Teresa’s programs for men & women have a 98% success rate; singles engaged or married & couples renewing vows, within a year. Consciously co-creating a fulfilling romantic relationship is  one of Life’s greatest joys. Today, there are more opportunities to do this, but also more challenges that accompany these new options. Having someone who is very experienced with dating & relationships to guided you through preparation for dating, clarifying core values, developing healthy boundaries, self-respect, and an authentic image will make online dating, dating profiles, dating etiquette, ascertaining compatibility, and other dating milestones enjoyable. Dating can be fun! Especially with your mate, which is why I’ve created a program for couples to assist them in deepening their bond, renewing vows, and preparing for a first, second or third honeymoon. Keeping emotional & physical intimacy alive has been shown to be the key to a long & happy, romantic relationship. Get the help you need to live the Love Life you imagine!


Do you know how you want to love & be loved? Clarifying male-female dynamics helps you fulfill your heart’s deepest desires. Today, women are asked to balance their personal & professional lives like never before. To manifest your dream love, you must first integrate your inner masculine & feminine qualities. The more you nurture your feminine, the more you can enjoy.


Get the support you deserve to live the Life you choose. In the 21st C, relationships are more complex than ever. It’s natural to want so much in one person, but there are key needs which, if met, will allow you to be happy with your Beloved for the long-term. Learn how to recognize & communicate your core needs. Learn to “honor the feminine” and feel met as a man who is on top of his game. All work & no play is no way to live.


Discover YOUR path to a fulfilling Love Life!

Teresa did in one weekend what psychologists & psychiatrists did in one weekend. Men really need this work you offer.

BT, VP, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA

In six months, I’m engaged to be married. I could not have done this without you. Look for our wedding invitation!

SM, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA


Teresa has been helping men & women for 20+ years. Her programs have a 98% success rate, because she emphasizes personal growth. Her coaching-by-phone programs are convenient & confidential.

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