Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Joyful news! After being in the Mid-Atlantic this past Summer, I’m returning to California, seeing clients in San Diego, beginning in December. Of course, I still offer coaching via phone and Skype.

Relationship challenges are a path to your empowerment & personal fulfillment. Get the support you deserve and pave the way for a better quality of life, for yourself and your loved ones.

In San Diego, I’ll be leading classes, workshops, and retreats, to help you attract & keep the Love of your Life! This includes help with self-care, work-life balance, communication skills, meditation techniques, and more.

Couples find my CO-CREATING for COUPLES incredibly helpful for helping them forge the friendship necessary to build a better life for themselves. My popular program, RELATIONSHIP as SPIRITUAL PRACTICE helps you and your beloved explore the possibilities for a sacred union. If you’re single, then one of my programs for singles will help: Dating for Keeps & Alchemy of Attraction. There are also programs for women, FEMININE RADIANCE, and men, EVOLVING the MASCULINE. Both men and women are invited to explore the series, HONORING the FEMININE.

For more info: USA: +1 (415) 2 8 9 – 2 2 1 3



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