Autumn-Winter 2017-2018


Relationship as Spiritual Practice

Joyful news! After being in the Mid-Atlantic this past Summer, I’m returning to California, seeing clients in San Diego, beginning in December. Of course, I still offer coaching via phone and Skype.

Relationship challenges are a path to your empowerment & personal fulfillment. Get the support you deserve and pave the way for a better quality of life, for yourself and your loved ones.

In San Diego, I’ll be leading classes, workshops, and retreats, to help you attract & keep the Love of your Life! This includes help with self-care, work-life balance, communication skills, meditation techniques, and more.

Couples find my CO-CREATING for COUPLES incredibly helpful for helping them forge the friendship necessary to build a better life for themselves. My popular program, RELATIONSHIP as SPIRITUAL PRACTICE helps you and your beloved explore the possibilities for a sacred union. If you’re single, then one of my programs for singles will help: Dating for Keeps & Alchemy of Attraction. There are also programs for women, FEMININE RADIANCE, and men, EVOLVING the MASCULINE. Both men and women are invited to explore the series, HONORING the FEMININE.

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Summer 2017

We’ve a couple meditation retreats in the Mid-Atlantic this August.

Feminine Radiance Meditation Retreat for Women is August 18-20

Singles’ Swim Club is Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, August 15-30

Path to the Beloved Meditation Retreat is August 25-27

Click on any of these to apply for these rejuvenating retreats at the beach.

We’ll be at a 4-Star Oceanfront Location with a heated swimming pool!

Meditation on the beach, a visit to Assateague Island, movies on the beach, spa treatments, ocean view dining, yoga on the beach, workshops & more.


Mastering Male-Female Dynamics


One of the most popular topics today is understanding the gender gap. Most couples, throughout their entire marriage, often complain about their spouses in ways which can be easily explained by the gender gap. Men and women indeed do have different brains, thought-processes, priorities, and needs. Men usually  need more quiet time, though everyone in our hectic society could say that. However, as most have learned, men are more visual than verbal, so it’s more likely women who are wanting more communication, not less.

Women typically have a different response cycle than men, when addressing physical intimacy preferences. Men often wish someone could teach them how to please a woman, or please a wife, let alone, please a goddess. Women who become empowered often love to feel like a goddess, princess, queen or some other revered female archetype. Similarly, empowered men love to feel like a king, prince, shaman, samurai, etc. As we study gender differences, we ironically can find more common ground between us.

The Golden Rule, or “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”, is a good measure of social behavior, in romantic relationships, professional, domestic, family, neighbors, friends, et al. However, what leads to more satisfying romantic relationships is unlocking the combination code of conduct that ignites more passion between lovers. So often, a fulfilling love life will make most mundane concerns seem quite trivial. Tragedy does this as well, but we don’t wish for heartaches, we wish for Love.

Learning how to deepen your evolved masculine or feminine presence holds the key to igniting passion and fostering a relationship based on trust, respect, and soul-level engagement. My coaching programs do just this:

  • Learn how to deepen your core essence
  • Understanding what your lover wants
  • Discover ancient secrets of enduring passion
  • Practice new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Avoid divorce and needless heartache

Call to schedule your sample phone session: + 1 ( 4 1 5 ) 2 8 9 – 2 2 1 3

Or email me here.

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Executive Dating Coach for Hire

dating advice executive dating coach single professionals

There’s nothing better than Love. And when you feel confident, and you make the right decisions, things just fall into place. But what happens if you keep having the same problems over and over? What happens when you lack the confidence to speak comfortably about yourself? What happens when you want to get married but you are not meeting people who share the same vision as you? What happens when you’ve been out of the dating scene for 20 years and now feel ready to start dating again? Who are you going to call? Me!

Executive Dating Coach with Relationship Advice & help for attracting & keeping the Love of your Life, I’ve been helping sincere hearts for over 20 years via coaching-by-phone, workshops, webinars, retreats, socials, podcasts, eBooks, audio books, et al.

Are you a man or woman who has invested more in your professional development than you have in relationship skills training? Ascertaining compatibility, dating etiquette, and communication skills are the 3 essential skills for dating success.

Physical chemistry isn’t everything and often develops out of shared values & goals, contrary to popular opinion. Fill out this REQUEST FORM to learn more about my dating coach program to attract & keep the Love of your Life!

Once I receive your completed form, I’ll contact you within 2-3 days.  I only take on a few clients at any one time to ensure I give each client the time & attention they need to succeed with their dating goals. Everyone who has followed my advice is still married. I’m very proud of this & attribute it to my emphasis on personal growth.

This coaching program includes: Preparation for Dating, Image Consulting, Online & Offline “Dating to Win” Strategies & Techniques, Dating Sites Coaching, How To Date Techniques, Relationship & Communication Skills, Screening Techniques, Texting Tips, Flirting, Role Playing Practice Sessions, Pre- & Post-Date Coaching, Social Anxiety Coaching, Pre-Marital Counseling, Male-Female Dynamics Coaching, Romantic Paradigm Insights, Professional Career & Wellness Coaching as Necessary for Dating Success, Chakra Clearing, Spiritual Development for Soul Mate & Twin Flame Union Coaching, Engagement Party, Wedding, & Honeymoon Planning Ideas, and so much more.

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Intimacy & Authenticity

Love in the 21st C

Do you want to know what seems to be the number solution to sustainable intimacy & personal fulfillment in your romantic life? Being “authentic”. When people stray, or get so frustrated that they give up on their relationship, it’s often because they don’t feel heard or appreciated for who they are. We’ve mostly grown beyond survival in our love relationships and now seek a more spiritual communion with our beloved.

Can you speak your truth, from the heart, with compassion? If not, then this might be the best area for you to focus on in your personal evolution. Start slowly and start with low-risk items, like what you really want for dinner, or what you really want to do this weekend. Gradually, if you notice your partner is supportive, you can move on to more sensitive desires.

Having a Dating Coach or Relationship Coach to help you learn and practice healthier behaviors is a good way to avoid the pitfalls of isolating or self-destructive responses when you’re feeling insecure, lonely, angry, confused, or worse. Choosing the right coach means finding a good listener with lots of real world experience, who is easy to talk to.

If you are ready for coaching, call to schedule a complimentary session to see if we are a good fit to work together on your relationship goals:

USA: 1-415-289-2213

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Dating for Keeps

Executive Dating Coach

Dating for Marriage program has three parts: Preparation for Dating, Dating to Win, & From Dating to Marriage. If you take your time with Part 1, the rest is easy! Make an appointment to begin your program.


Are you ready for Love? Do you want a love to last? Would you like to build a Life with someone who knows & adores the real you? Well, Dating for Marriage, Dating for Keeps, is the coaching program for single professionals who are ready for the Love of their Life! Weekly phone calls make all the difference. This program has 3 parts: Preparation for Dating, Dating to Win, & From Dating to Marriage. Most of my clients are senior executives from Fortune 100 companies, as well as medical professionals who recognize the value of personal development for relationship success.  With a 98% success rate, with most clients married or engaged within a year, you can relax into your vision of Love as you walk your path to your beloved. Coaching by phone is easy, private, & convenient. Read what clients are saying ~ HERE.


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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy


Today, couples therapy is growing in popularity with more people wanting & seeking help to resolve conflicts in their romantic life. Teresa offers couples therapy by phone or in-person. She has helped countless people over many, many years. Read client testimonials for more insights. If you would like to explore this modality, please contact her via phone or online:

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