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Create Your Vision of Love

Learning to Love Yourself.

Coaching for Women

Ready for Love? Learn to attract & KEEP Your True Beloved.

Attract & KEEP the Love of Your Life! Dating & Relationship Coaching for women is empowering and soothing, both. Select from a variety of programs which are then tailored precisely to your situation. Teresa offers you these convenient, coaching-by-phone programs, as well as socials, workshops, retreats & other fun events. Over the last many years, Teresa has created these coaching programs to help YOU expand your capacity for being Happily in Love.

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Your Feminine Radiance

Leadership Training

Dating Him for Keeps

4hr Package$600
8hr Package$800
3-Month Package$2400
6-Month Discount$4800


With over 23 modalities, Teresa can help you with personal & professional development to consciously create a more graceful & empowered you!

There are so many ways to deepen your self-awareness & emotional intelligence when learning to consciously co-create with a man. These consultation will empower you to make the best choices for you, as you focus on Love. Plan now for your image assessment, lifestyle makeover, Feng Shui consultation, and possibly your Soul Reading to help you learn better self-care.

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Ecstatic Makeover

Ecstatic Lifestyles

Feng Shui Elegance

Living Heart Institute

Foxhaven Wellness

8-Hour Image Makeover$800
16-Hour Lifestyle Makeover$1600
8-Hour Feng Shui Consultation$800
2-Hour Spiritual Consultation$300
8-Hour Well-Being Inventory$800

Special Events

Once a month, once a quarter, or once a year, delve into your quintessential S’elf & level up to the divinely feminine being you want to be. Power & poise are yours for the asking.

Young woman meditating by the lake

As a comprehensive program, you may choose to include one or more of Teresa’s Special Events. These are more in-depth trainings for your ultimate happiness. When you take the time to explore your inner landscape, the outer world & everyone in it becomes more manageable. After months of self-inquiry, community building, and exploring romantic paradigms, you’ll practically be ready to become a Relationship Expert! Women love relationships, it’s how we are wired. Learn to make wise decisions to keep your Heart Happy!

3-Month Online Workshop$1200
Weekend Intensive$2000
5-Day Retreat$3000
6-Month Training Program$5000
Year Long Training$8000

You absolutely changed my Life! Working with you these past couple of years have taken me from being miserable to being happily married. How can I ever thank you?

— PS, VP Credit Suisse, Zurich

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