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Attract & KEEP the Love of Your Life! Dating & Relationship Coaching for women is empowering and soothing, both. Select from a variety of programs which are then tailored precisely to your situation. Teresa offers you these convenient, coaching-by-phone programs, as well as socials, workshops, retreats & other fun events. Over the last many years, Teresa has created these coaching programs to help YOU expand your capacity for being Happily in Love.


Dating Advice & Relationship Goals

Evolving Ecstasy: Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

Graceful Empowerment: Teach a Man to Honor You

Love, Laugh, Live: Reclaiming Your Feminine Essence

Romantic Paradigms: Exploring Your Loving Style


Dating for Marriage: 3-Step Program has 98% Success Rate

Elder Hug: Dating Skills for Senior Women

Executive Dating Coach: Love Advice for the Professional Woman


Marriage 101: Counseling for the Newlywed Wife

Honeymooning: Planning Your Next Honeymoon

Wife’s Vow Renewal: Counseling for Saying “I Still Do”)


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Lifestyle Consulting

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Therapeutic-grade oils

Ecstatic Makeovers: Personal & Lifestyle Re-Inventing Program

Feng Shui Wisdom: Design Consultations for Personal Sanctuaries


Empowering Coaching for Women

Enlightened Leadership: Executive Career Coach

Entrepreneur It: Small Business Coach

Public Speaking Coach: Speech & Presentation Tutoring


Wellness Coaching for Women

Essential Well-Being Solutions: Wellness & Well-Being Programs

Give Me a Break: Work-Life Balance & Integration


Events for Women

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Yin Tide: Awakening the Sacred Feminine

Today, women have an unprecedented opportunity to express themselves like never before. Identifying those long-hidden aspects of your full self-discovery is a very enriching pursuit. This coaching program assists you as you deepen your awareness as the unique woman you are.

Mystical Feminine: Advanced Wisdom for Women 

Once you know who you are as a woman, it may still take time to practice new skills and test new realities. This coaching program focuses on helping you deepen your sacred feminine presence in your home and in the world around you. Waking up as an empowered woman takes time if it is a new paradigm.




Feng Shui Your Heart: Emotional Freedom for Clear Thinking

Holistic Healing: Nurturing Your Wellness &  Well-Being

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being: Evolving Your Soul’s Story



Being & Becoming: Reclaiming Your Feminine Wisdom

Maui Goddess: Spa Yoga Retreats

Mermaids: Water Danse Retreat for Women


Let’s Get Started ~

Which conversation should you be having?

– Learn healthy boundaries

– Communicate more effectively

– Get Better Sleep

– Re-define Success for Your Well-Being

– Develop Emotional Intimacy Skills

– Enjoy better relationships with family & friends


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