Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. How does this coaching-by-phone program work?
  • 2. How does it achieve 98% success?
  • 3. Who is your typical client?
  • 4. What’s the difference between counseling & coaching?
  • 5. Why do I need a Dating or Relationship Coach?
  • 6. Do you offer a sliding scale?
  • 7. What topics will we cover?
  • 8. What if I’m still dealing with previous heartaches?
  • 9. Can I be sure our talks will be confidential?
  • 10. How much do you charge?
  • 11. Do you offer Group Coaching?
  1. Coaching programs are phone calls or online chats. Each week, we’ll discuss what’s working & what needs more attention. Homework is recommended. You choose how often we speak, usually 1-3 hours each week, for best results. Clients demonstrate empowerment & accountability by initiating each call.
  2. LOVE in the 21stC programs provide stellar results because you focus on self-improvement, relationship skills & personal development.
  3. Most clients are senior executive men & women who are interested in Dating for Keeps & recognize the value of character development. They are both singles & couples.
  4. Coaching is more goal-oriented, while counseling is about resolving feelings which seem to interfere with goal management.
  5. Friends & family are not meant to be advisors, once you are an adult. They often are too subjective. They can provide thought-provoking insight, but are not meant to carry the burden of our insecurities or indulge in our intimate affairs. With over 20 years experience of professional relationship coaching, and a winning program, Teresa provides you with the mentoring & support needed to develop the confidence & skills for healthy, fulfilling, long-term, romantic relationships.
  6. Fees are based on individual packages which may vary from one individual to another. Sessions may be weekly, every other week, or monthly. More comprehensive programs are available for accelerated learning & success.
  7. Topics: Dating & Relationship Skills, Values Clarification, Image Development, Self-Care, Male-Female Dynamics, Social Etiquette, Heart-Centered Relationships, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Romantic Paradigms, Spirituality & Goal Management.
  8. Long-term relationship success depends on many factors, and in Life, you know, there are no guarantees. The best approach to your relationship goals is to first be pleased with yourself. A couple is only as strong as the individuals themselves. My programs always begin with helping you clear the blocks which inhibit you as you open up to a more fulfilling Love Life.
  9. Absolutely, yes.
  10. My sessions are $150/hr., up to 7 Hours per month. $100/hr for 8+ hours per month.
  11. Yes, periodically. Contact me for more information.

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