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“Love is such a gift.” — Teresa

WELCOME to LOVE in the 21st CENTURY, a place where you may explore YOUR Romantic Paradigms for conscious, fulfilling  relationships.

Teresa, your Dating & Relationship Coach started LOVE in the 21st CENTURY as a collection of coaching-by-phone programs, as well as workshops & retreats, to help men & women in their romantic relationships.  Her mission is to help those desiring assistance with male-female dynamics, dating for marriage, & domestic bliss.  With this aim, she is reducing the divorce rate with her winning-programs: Every individual or couple who has followed  her advice, is still happily married!

Her signature program, DATING for MARRIAGE was the first program she created. Next, she discovered the need for people to become more attuned to their spiritual development, & created: PATH to the BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice. This included RECLAIMING the FEMININE & EVOLVING the MASCULINE. Her latest programs: EVOLVING ECSTASY: Mastering Male-Female Dynamics, combines HONORING the FEMININE, & EXPLORING ROMANTIC PARADIGMS.

In the majority of cases with single men & women, Preparation for Dating is the essential ingredient for a wise & lasting marriage.  Learning to attract & keep the Love of your Life means loving yourself, and having a good circle of family & friends around you, before you start looking for a mate.  Marriage requires courage & commitment, for the lines it draws upon our hearts are indelible.



Today, the ecstatic dance of the healthy masculine & feminine radiance is opening up a whole new level of fulfillment for couples. Mastering these perennial male-female dynamics which seem so pervasive throughout history, can seem challenging, but practice makes perfect.  Living from the Heart, which is an essential  approach to relationship success, is actually so empowering, though perhaps tricky at first.  Perhaps this is because of society’s tendency to eschew emotional intimacy. For this, we recommend including the module, FENG SHUI YOUR HEART (tm).  Essentially, it’s an “emotional yoga”.  You must be willing to observe the path you’ve taken so far in Life, as you chart your course from there. But most importantly, you must feel safe enough to express your ideas about what you want, as well as have the patience to listen & be compassionate with what your partner needs & wants.

As a Dating & Relationship Coach, I offer relationship advice as well as leading edge dating techniques for both men & women. My upcoming book, Romantic Paradigms: Mastering Male-Female Dynamics, discusses both traditional and contemporary relationship models to help everyone attract & keep the Love of their Life.

Ideally, men & women consciously co-create their vision for a happy life together.  Your journey of self-mastery comes from self-awareness & self-discovery. Allow your Life & Love to unfold with grace & dignity. When you are ready, consider coaching-by-phone, in-person counseling, online webinars, live workshops, socials, and retreats. You are encouraged to first bookmark this page, then sign up for my newsletter to get up-to-date details regarding all of my programs.

When you sign up for coaching, you’ll have regularly scheduled time(s) each week, or as determined, to assess what’s working & what needs attention in your Love Life. Only a few clients are accepted at any time, to ensure each client receives ample counseling hours for their needs.



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