Romantic Paradigms

Romantic Paradigms

Ah, ROMANCE! What’s your flavor? There are more than 31, I’m sure, but we needn’t get too carried away just yet. Let’s start with the obvious handful: Vanilla/Traditional, Victorian, Medieval, Alternative, Mystical, Counter-Culture, Motorcycle Lovers, Back to Nature Folks, Country Western, Rapper Culture, Latino, Asian, Ancient Egyptian, Urbane, Kinky, Neanderthal, Indigenous, and such. With just these loving styles, you can see how diversity is the order of things on this planet! And the more you know about your preferences, the more grace & dignity you bring to any situation. This alone reduces any social anxiety you may feel as you get acquainted with prospective partners.

So, you’ll be delighted with my new ROMANTIC PARADIGMS program which helps you identify your Dating & Relationship styles, so you can better understand yourself as well as communicate your interests & identify who is a likely match for your loving style. Most people like traditional romance; this is called, the “Vanilla” paradigm. Here’s you’ll find a range of interests, and loving styles, from casual to conservative. You might hear people speak of it as boring at times, but MALE-FEMALE DYNAMICS is rarely boring. Confusing or frustrating, yes, but rarely boring. Unless of course, you’ve got yourselves into a rut. That’s another story. Gender essences have proclivities and you are the wiser for learning at least the basics. Whoever likes variety, gets to explore their imagination.

A large number of the general population likes a variety of alternative models for their Love Life. For some, it’s a spiritual approach, for others, it’s polyamory, and yet others, like exploring power dynamics, like 50 Shades of Gray, or creative dynamics, like Victorian or Chivalrous sequences, regardless of who is taking what role. This is what adds to the Spice of Life.

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