Love in the 21stC

LOVE in the 21st CENTURY

Love in the 21st Century

In the 21st Century, Love means exploring one’s fantasies, as well as building a meaningful Life with someone who can balance the art & business of marriage, or at least an honest relationship. Most people still want to build a blissful life with their True Beloved, though others seem reluctant to marry.  Over the last many years, TERESA has created programs for a variety of Romantic Paradigms. Dating for Marriage, Honoring the Feminine, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Romantic Paradigms, Co-Creating for Couples, Evolving the Masculine, Mastering Male-Female Dynamics, and many others will provide you with the support you need on your romantic journey toward personal fulfillment & domestic bliss.



Dating Advice from The Original Dating Coach

This all started many years ago, as Teresa was looking for a path that would build community as she followed a heart-centered approach to Love & Enlightenment. She wanted more than androgynous relationships, and certainly better than ‘Neanderthal meets Barbie’. Teresa felt her feminine wisdom was important and wanted to find men who would celebrate the sacred feminine essence which so inspired her. Together, the sacred masculine & divine feminine create a world of balance & fulfillment for ourselves & our communities!

“Back when I started my Dating Coach practice in 1996, there weren’t many other Dating Coaches around. I spoke at Singles’ conventions, led workshops, and worked with men and women one-on-one. After taking some time off to care for my family, I’m again accepting new clients and planning both online workshops and live retreats, both rustic and upscale.

“During these last several years, I’ve continued to research and develop new programs for which I’m sure you’ll be interested. If your Love Life means even a fraction as much to you as mine does for me, you’ll be delighted with my ROMANTIC PARADIGMS program which helps you identify your Dating & Relationship styles, so you can have a more fulfilling, romantic life.” — Teresa

As she continued her research, Teresa discovered there are a number of ROMANTIC  PARADIGMS which help couples explore their core essences, while mastering male-female dynamics. Relationship as spiritual practice is one, chivalry, tantra, traditional romance, female-led relationship, and even some more taboo subjects are becoming frequent conversations with both clients & colleagues. With the current interest in 50 Shades of Grey, people are looking for a safe & sane way to understand their emotional desires. Power struggles are notorious for splitting couples up. Ironically, they can also bring couples closer.


Couples Counselor & Dating Coach

For many years now, Teresa has helped show men & women how to navigate their Love Odyssey.  She has mainly  been an Executive Dating Coach for senior executives, working with Fortune 100 companies, such as Credit Suisse, Hewlett-Packard, Smith-Barney, & Wells Fargo. They readily recognize the power of personal growth & development in creating a happy home life.

And how fitting that Teresa was born on Valentine’s Eve! She began studying yoga at age 9, taught it at 17. With a B.A. in Expressive & Liberal Arts, she’s very well-read and conversant in all topics related to dating, cultural norms, courtship rituals, spirituality, psychology, professional development, health, well-being, sexuality education, & marriage, as well as family systems. Teresa has spoken a number of times for the SF Bay Areas Single Professionals’ Convention, the largest dating organization in the USA, in Silicon Valley. She has also taught various workshops for various organizations in the San Francisco & San Diego areas of California.


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