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LOVE QUOTES offer insights & inspiration.

Whether you’re single or married, in love or out, suffering depression, anxiety, grief, ecstasy, hope, or just on an even keel, LOVE QUOTES are one way to make your day better. Whether you’re into LOVE POEMS or want the LOVE CALCULATOR, or LOVE TEST, any therapist will tell you, you must first love yourself to really love another.

Counseling helps you slow down enough to sort out your feelings & options, whatever your situation. Your Life should have a beautiful LOVE STORY or VISION of LOVE. Throughout history, passionate hearts have written countless LOVE LETTERS. They had to express their heart’s LOVE; for them there was no other way.

RELATIONSHIPS are Life’s greatest treasure. Whether it’s with your family, friends, or soul mate, HEART CONNECTIONS make us feel a profound sense of belonging. When we don’t have the connection with someone whom we love, MEDITATION can help  you develop your awareness & INTUITION. This increases your sensitivity to be more in tune with your partner, so you can be considerate of their needs & yours. If you want to know HOW TO MEDITATE, just ask me and we can set up sessions for you to learn.

LOVE is at the core of your being. With my GUIDED MEDITATIONS, you can tune into that part of you, in order to have a more loving presence, which will put people at ease with you. But more importantly, cultivating a loving presence within your heart & soul, will render many benefits to your overall well-being. This is why meditation is so popular, as it helps relax you and clear your mind so you may be more available to feel & experience the presence of LOVE in your being & in your Life.

A fun technique for greater self-love is to write yourself a LOVE LETTER. Tell yourself all the reasons you do love yourself and express your commitment to taking good care of yourself: body, mind, heart, and soul. This will draw in your most valuable SOULMATE or TWIN FLAME. With MINDFULNESS MEDITATION, you can learn to focus to bring into your Life, the soulmate or twin flame with whom you may build a Life. Soulmates & Twin Flames are continuing a relationship which began long ago & return to carry on the work you once began. But for these precious beings to return to your Life, you must maintain the intention for personal evolution and joyful co-creation.

However, not every soulmate or twin flame will remain in your Life forever. Some are merely just pointing the way for your personal development and soul advancement. Stay humble and you will navigate your inner landscape more gracefully. Making friends for Life is a noble endeavor. RELATIONSHIPS are Life greatest gift and greatest challenge, so slow down and pay attention to the signs, the lessons, and your ability to focus on what you want & then allow it to unfold with great peace & joy.

These LOVE QUOTES are really about WISDOM. Wisdom is the combination of INSPIRATION, TRUTH, & SAGE ADVICE. To meditate on WORDS of WISDOM or WISDOM QUOTES, WISE QUOTES, is to nourish your heart & soul These INSPIRATIONAL WORDS will carry you forward as you LEARN to LOVE. And as my mother once told me, as you get on in years, it’s not so much your career you think about as it is your RELATIONSHIPS and how well you dealt with them.

But remember, your primary RELATIONSHIP is with your SELF & your HIGHER POWER. Next, your RELATIONSHIP with your FAMILY members who are most loving, will be a tremendous resource & inspiration for your LIFE. Next comes your FRIENDS. Having good friends means being a true friend. And once you’ve established these CONCENTRIC CIRCLES of relationship, you are in the best position to meet new people who will become a blessing in your LIFE. Take your time, for a LIFE-LONG RELATIONSHIP is a precious, precious LOVE.



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