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1 ASCENSION PATHWAYS: Waking Up as a Spiritual Being

Are you interested in spiritual growth & development? This coaching program helps you resolve old wounds from any religious upbringing in order to discern where to go now on your spiritual journey of self-mastery. Spirituality is studying & applying both ancient & contemporary wisdom. Weekly sessions make all the difference.

2 PATH to the BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice

For sustainable relationships, men and women need to trust & respect themselves and one another. Waking up as spiritual beings means understanding how to serve one another on your individual and shared paths of soul evolution. See the divine spark of life within yourself and you will soon see it in your partner, or vice versa.

3 MYSTIC LOVER: Ancient Secrets for Modern Couples

Throughout the history of human endeavoring, mystic sages have discovered many techniques for marital bliss. This coaching program includes a study of mystical secrets from many cultures to incorporate in your life today, including: yogic practices, feng shui, astrology, meditation, numerology, the kama sutra, and other long-revered practices. Taking time to explore these techniques offers you clarity on your journey of spiritual awakening.

4 TANTRA YOGA for Couples

Today, Tantra Yoga is more popular than ever. Couples are discovering how Tantra practices can not only re-kindle passion, but foster more wisdom as you explore the next stage of your relationship. Tantra is not just about sex. Tantra is a way of life, where you learn to allow your primal energy to become more refined so you can experience greater fulfillment in your life.

5 ANGELS RISING: Advanced Techniques for Spiritual Lovers

Meditation is very useful for couples wanting a stronger, more fulfilling  relationship. Angels Rising is a coaching program for advanced students of Relationship as Spiritual Practice. We’ll address more refined principles of relationship harmony and spiritual evolution to bring you and your partner more everyday bliss and ecstasy, included advanced tantra, taoist, and other approaches to the sacred bliss which is  possible for you in your marriage.

6 GODDESS BLISS: Honoring the Sacred Feminine

The ancient practice of goddess worship recognized that women are the divine embodiment of the sacred feminine. Today we can bring elements of this practice to help couples reach higher levels of relationship commitment and fulfillment. Men have been asking for female leadership more and more. Given a safe space, a woman can explore her sacred bliss and profoundly enrich her man in the process.

7 FLR TANTRA: Dancing with the Mystical Feminine 

Advanced techniques of feminine wisdom are explored for the benefit of both men and women, in this coaching program. What begins as the sacred feminine, is refined and expanded into cosmic realities which help relieve anxieties and increase a couple’s quality of life. This is our most advanced coaching program and is only available  for those couples who have completed at least 3 of Teresa’s other coaching programs.


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