Honoring the Masculine

While many women passionately pursue their careers, at the expense of a romantic relationship, the majority of women reflect back upon their lives, once they hit their 60s, and wonder, ‘What went wrong?’ This of course can happen after even a year or two of marriage. There’s all kinds of things which go wrong but here’s a few things their friends might have replied:

  • You had sex too soon
  • You chased him too much
  • You had unhealed wounds
  • You expect too much from your partner
  • You didn’t discuss long term topics
  • You were too critical or distant
  • You were too controlling
  • You couldn’t forgive your partner for their transgressions
  • You were blinded by infatuation or love
  • You listened to their words instead of their actions
  • You didn’t give them enough room to be themselves
  • You didn’t give them a way to ‘win’ with you

By addressing these complaints head on, you’ll release those old wounds so that you can better appreciate the men in your life, or your own masculinity.

For men, who feel they are confused that their personal lives fell apart, it could be that:

  • You didn’t listen to your woman’s requests
  • You played the shining knight too often
  • You didn’t stand up for yourself
  • You ignored the red flags
  • You didn’t show enough initiate
  • You were too controlling
  • You didn’t care enough about her orgasms
  • You tried to be there for too many people at once
  • You neglected your family
  • You neglected your career path
  • You neglected your health

There are many reasons men find relationships difficult or leave or are left. The key focus for men, once their relationships have ended, is to understand what went wrong & why, and how to reclaim their dignity as men, while remaining accountable for their choices.

Whether you are a man or woman, you must be accountable for your choices.

Inside of a woman is also a warrior, who is either healthy or defeated.

Inside every man is a warrior, who is either healthy or defeated.

If you feel that you still have something to learn about men or masculinity, then this program is for you. You’ll look at the places in you which tend to criticize or abandon the masculine wisdom which knows how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Clearly manage priorities
  • Be 1000% present for the tasks at hand
  • Provide the desired gifts for themselves and/or their families
  • Protect themselves & their families from harm
  • Be humorous with and respectful to everyone
  • Focus on their Life’s purpose
  • Be attentive to their beloved
  • Remain loyal
  • Be resourceful


Honoring the Masculine has several modules:

Evolving the Masculine: What Men Are Learning About Being a Man

  • The Noble Warrior Journey: Vision Questing a Mission
  • Alchemy of Attraction: Exploring Male-Female Dynamics
  • Rooting the Mountain: Path of Shiva


Romantic Paradigms: Archetypes of Love

  • The Noble Knight Odyssey: Chivalry & Honoring the Feminine
  • Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice
  • Female Led Relationship: Understanding Women’s Needs & Desires


Evolving Ecstasy: How to Please a Goddess

  • Mystic Lover: Ancient Secrets for Contemporary Lovers
  • Song of Nyasa: How to Worship a Goddess
  • FLR Tantra: Dancing with the Mystical Feminine





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