Dating Your Mate

When you open your life up to meeting new people, socially, you want to learn some new skills to ensure your grace & dignity throughout your dating career. Eventually people fall in love and want to build a life with someone who opens their heart to extra-ordinary feelings of emotional fulfillment. Those who do not, usually have some early wounds which interfere with emotional intimacy & authenticity.

When you enroll in Teresa’s DATING for KEEPS program, whether or not you are dating for marriage, you will learn how to screen prospective eligibles to make the best use of your time and keep your heart safe & sound. After all, your heart is your most precious treasure. Your life is your responsibility, so it makes sense, good sense, to invest even a fraction of what you spend on your business or career goals, into learning these social skills which are rarely taught at home or school.

Teresa has been coaching Fortune 100 executives for over 20 years with a 98% success rate, when people follow her program. Almost all the clients who followed Teresa’s powerful programs, are still happily together. Preparation for Dating, Dating to Win, & From Dating to “For Keeps”, are the 3 Simple Steps through which Teresa will guide you.

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