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It all begins with PREPARATION for DATING: Knowing your values and identifying your goals, is as important as staying flexible while you explore your options and improve your Love Life. My PREPARATION for DATING program helps you recognize your blind spots and get you ready to date with more grace & dignity. If you know what you want and can gently articulate it, you’ll not only find a better partner, but you’ll have made some good friends along the way. Plus, we’ll address Image Consulting, Makeovers, and have you form an inner circle of friends, if you don’t already have one, so you’re not as vulnerable as many people become when beginning to date more seriously.

Once you’re ready to date, we shift into the DATING to WIN! phase of your dating life. This phase helps you with Dating Tips, Dating Advice, Online Dating Techniques, Screening Techniques, and a myriad of other helpful coaching practices to recognize what is working and what needs more attention in your dating life. With my DATING to WIN! program, you may discover this period of dating to be one of the best chapters in your Life! Which brings us to Step 3 of my DATING for KEEPS program, FROM DATING to MARRIAGE. If you decide that marriage is your preference in cultivating a happy home life, Step 3 will be a breeze, provided you’ve followed my advice in Steps 1 & 2.

BEFORE I DO ~ Premarital Counseling Programs

Contact me for sessions if you want to enroll in the BEFORE I DO premarital counseling program, which challenges your relationship to ask the important questions, which you should be able to discuss before marriage, like finances, sexual preferences, children, lifestyle, etc. If you’re not comfortable discussing these issues, then you & your partner might not be ready for the adult situations which marriage entails.