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Teresa has a thriving practice because she takes the time to really get acquainted with her clients, and never overbooks, so each client has plenty of time with her. For those who may not opt for coaching at this time, Teresa is coming out with her eBooks. This way, she will be able to help more people.

Her coaching service began in 1996, when a friend asked her to be his Dating Coach. She was so adept at dating profiles, online dating strategies, and relationship skills, he hired her and became her first paying client. That went so well, that she because leading workshops, seminar, social events, picnics, parties, classes, and more. Soon after, her next coaching client was a psychiatrist who was married within 9 months of starting to work with Teresa. That client was so delighted, Teresa was invited to the wedding.

Well, that client told several friends, who told several friends, and Teresa’s clientele grew from there.

Teresa has studied social skills and male-female dynamics for many years, psychology, theology, sociology, image consulting, photography, feng shui, astrology, interior design, communication skills, theater, secrets of successful couples, tantra, meditation, yoga, French, cuisine, eco lifestyles, travel, holistic healing, music, dance, film, computer technology, multi-cultural studies, and more. Her voracious appetite for learning makes her a natural conversationalist. She was born on Valentine’s Day Eve, which may also have something to do with her career choice.



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