Mastering Male-Female Dynamics


One of the most popular topics today is understanding the gender gap. Most couples, throughout their entire marriage, often complain about their spouses in ways which can be easily explained by the gender gap. Men and women indeed do have different brains, thought-processes, priorities, and needs. Men usually  need more quiet time, though everyone in our hectic society could say that. However, as most have learned, men are more visual than verbal, so it’s more likely women who are wanting more communication, not less.

Women typically have a different response cycle than men, when addressing physical intimacy preferences. Men often wish someone could teach them how to please a woman, or please a wife, let alone, please a goddess. Women who become empowered often love to feel like a goddess, princess, queen or some other revered female archetype. Similarly, empowered men love to feel like a king, prince, shaman, samurai, etc. As we study gender differences, we ironically can find more common ground between us.

The Golden Rule, or “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”, is a good measure of social behavior, in romantic relationships, professional, domestic, family, neighbors, friends, et al. However, what leads to more satisfying romantic relationships is unlocking the combination code of conduct that ignites more passion between lovers. So often, a fulfilling love life will make most mundane concerns seem quite trivial. Tragedy does this as well, but we don’t wish for heartaches, we wish for Love.

Learning how to deepen your evolved masculine or feminine presence holds the key to igniting passion and fostering a relationship based on trust, respect, and soul-level engagement. My coaching programs do just this:

  • Learn how to deepen your core essence
  • Understanding what your lover wants
  • Discover ancient secrets of enduring passion
  • Practice new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Avoid divorce and needless heartache

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